Our Story

You’ve heard of mixology—the intimidating art of blending sweet, sour, bitter and salty notes to create an out-of-the- ordinary cocktail. It’s definitely the evolution of alcoholic beverages. But it’s an evolution that’s been available only to a few, until the American Cocktail Club.

In 2012, while working at The Jefferson hotel in Washington, DC, Christopher Wirth teamed up with his friend and colleague, Massimiliano Matté, a renowned mixologist and nominee for the prestigious "Perfect Barman de Paris" award known for his collaborations with celebrated chefs like Alain Ducasse and Heinz Beck.

They founded American Juice Company with the goal of turning the evolution into a revolution by creating incredibly unique juice blends and making them available to every bar, restaurant, hotel, and home. The American Cocktail Club is their way of curating michelin-star quality cocktails for customers in the comfort of their home.

As we like to say, we're democratizing craft cocktails. Cheers.

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