Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Cocktail Club

Being part of the Club is like having the coveted seat at a high level mixology bar. Do you ever watch the passion and craftsmanship that goes into these bartenders' work? They are like chefs with alcohol! These boxes are your opportunity to experience the same wonder and awe, but in the comfort of your own home. The passion and craftsmanship has been prepped for you in the box's ingredients. Every box comes with all of the ingredients and recipes to make 4 servings of a world class cocktail.

When will I receive my box?

All orders taken after the 21st of the month will be pushed back to the following months box (i.e. orders taken on February 21st will be placed in the March box shipments) We ship after the 20th of the month!

What states do you ship the 'Everything Box' to?

We ship the Everything Box to all states except for: AK, KY, MS, UT

Do you ship internationally?

We are only able to ship to the USA  at the moment (please look above for states we are able to ship liquor to), but hope to be expanding soon!

How often do you release new boxes?

Once a month. Some months, we'll have multiple new boxes. And every now and then, we'll bring back a favorite.

What if I just want to buy one box?

No problem, you can purchase one box in our SHOP. Please note there is a $5 discount if you purchase the month-to-month subscription.

Do boxes always cost the same amount?

There are currently two subscription option but shipping is always included. You can sign up for the 'Everything But the Booze Box' for $34.99 and supply your own alcohol or the 'Everything Box' for $44.99 which has everything including our recommended spirits.

Will I need to purchase anything for the boxes? 

If a recipe includes fresh produce such as lemon juice, lime juice or egg white, you will need to purchase those on your own as we do not currently ship fresh ingredients.  This applies to both the Everything Box and the Everything but the Booze Box.  If you have ordered the Everything but the Booze Box, you will need to purchase the liquor for that month's cocktail. 

When am I charged?

When you first sign up for the club, we charge you right away. That amount sits in your account as a credit and will apply to your first club shipment. For subsequent club shipments, we'll charge you a few days before your package ships. Note that you only ever pay for boxes you receive - there's absolutely no membership fee.

For one-off and product purchases, we charge you as soon as you checkout.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email us at and we'll take care of it right away. We'll be sad to see you go though! 

Are you ready to join the Club?

Master Mixologists and Michelin star restaurants use our products to make their cocktails. Now you can too. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the adventure.